Maine Children's Growth Council

Created by Maine statute in 2008 as “the voice” of early childhood, the Council is charged to adopt and update a long-term plan that will achieve sustainable social and financial investments in the healthy development of Maine’s young children and their families. To view past reports published by or released in collaboration with other partners, visit our Reports and Resources.

The long-term plan

Read our Council’s latest strategic plan A CALL TO ACTION. Other Council reports and related information can be found under Resources.

Read the 2018 Report

The Council’s accomplishments and current projects

The Council has many accomplishments over the years and has been the incubator for work across the state. Projects that grew out of the Council’s committees and discussions include:

Maine Resilience Building Network (MRBN) whose members have educated people around the state on the findings of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study

Maine Social and Emotional Learning & Development Project, and the current strategic planning process.

The research that drives the Council's work

The early years are a critical time when the architecture of the brain is being built. The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University has compiled national research from multiple disciplines to inform public policies and public investments.

The Center produced short videos – 2 to 6 minutes each – to explain the five key scientific concepts that are the building blocks of the core story of child development. In addition, Maine Children’s Growth Council has relied on the important Adverse Childhood Experiences study, as well as other national and Maine studies and reports.

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